Creative careers have been on the rise in India, with more and more students opting for courses and jobs in fields such as design, photography, advertising, fashion, film, and performing arts. These careers provide an opportunity to not only express oneself but also make a meaningful impact in the world.

After completing 12th grade, students in India have several options to pursue a creative career. One of the most popular options is to enroll in a college or university that offers courses in the desired field. For example, students interested in photography can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in photography, while those interested in advertising can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and communication. There are several reputed colleges and universities in India that offer such courses, such as the National Institute of Design, the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and the Film and Television Institute of India.

Another option for students is to pursue a vocational course or diploma in the desired field. These courses are usually shorter in duration and provide hands-on training in the field. For example, students interested in fashion design can pursue a diploma in fashion design, while those interested in animation can pursue a diploma in animation. These courses are offered by several institutions across the country, including government and private institutions.In addition to formal education, students can also pursue a creative career through internships and apprenticeships. For example, students interested in photography can intern with a professional photographer, while those interested in advertising can intern with an advertising agency. These internships provide valuable experience and often lead to job opportunities.

There are also various online platforms, where students can learn and create a portfolio of their work, such as Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera, iMADE Creative Studio etc.

For students who want to pursue a career in acting, dancing, singing, or other performing arts, there are several acting schools, dance academies and music schools in India. These schools provide training in the desired field, and students can participate in auditions and casting calls to secure roles in films, television shows, and stage productions.In conclusion, pursuing a creative career in India after 12th grade is a viable option for students with a passion for the arts. With the various options available, including formal education, vocational courses, internships, apprenticeships, and online learning, students can find a path that suits their interests and goals. It’s important to keep in mind that the industry is highly competitive, and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to make a successful career in the creative field.