IIT-CEED Free Mock Test for all aspirants looking forward to the UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design).

These questions are prepared in line of UCCED Curriculum and past examination pattern. Our esteemed faculties having past 10 years of teaching and coaching experience has prepared the paper for enriching students knowledge.

IIT-UCEED Mock Test Free

Take the IIT-UCEED Free Mock Test prepared as per the question pattern and syllabus of UCCED. Test scores & results will be given at the completion of the online test.

Kindly fill in the following information for Free IIT-UCEED Mock Test.

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Identify why the object is used for.

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Match the logos with respective words.

(A) Money (B) Trade (C) Time (D) Steel

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Cogwheel number 1 rotates counter clockwise as shown.

If the red cogwheel rotates in the direction of the arrow choose option 1; if it rotates in the opposite direction choose option 2; if the red cogwheel does not move at all choose option 3.

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Which of the Architect designed Heydar Aliyev Center

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The diagram shows two fixed cogwheels which can only rotate around their own axis. A rack is inserted between the two cogwheels and is moved in the direction shown by the arrow.

What are the directions of movement and velocities of the cogwheels?

Question Image

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The grey cogwheel labelled 1 is being turned at a constant speed in a counter clockwise direction as shown in the diagram. The red cogwheel has 16 teeth whilst the rest of the cogwheels have 12 teeth.

Please choose the sentence which correctly describes the rotation of the red cogwheel in comparison to cogwheel 1.

Question Image

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Which of the following is the missing section?

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Two identical triangles are placed inside a water tank as shown in the diagram below. The triangles are fixed in position. On which triangle will a greater force be exerted?

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What number should replace the question mark? 123, 124, 126, 132, 133, 136, 142, 143, 147, ?

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Multiply the second lowest odd number in the left-hand grid by the third highest even number in the right-hand grid.

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Which award is known as the Noble prize in Architecture?

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What number should replace the question mark?

Question Image

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What is known as Seismic Load?

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A water tank with a gate attached to an axis is shown in the diagram below. The weight of the gate is negligible. Is the system at equilibrium?

Question Image

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Simplify +6–22×3–8

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When this shape is folded to form a cube, which is the only one of the following that can be produced?

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Cantilever meaning

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What number should replace the question mark?

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What comes next in the above sequence?

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RGB Color Scheme is primary color scheme of?

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Cavity walls are best suited against?

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Ellora caves belongs to which religion

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