NIFT Entrance Exam Sample paper questions are designed thoroughly analysing the question papers over the years. NID & NIFT Alumnus having 10+ year teaching and coaching experience contributed in designing this NIFT Mock Test Paper. The difficulty level of the mock test is moderate. These questions will provide an insight of the NIFT Exam pattern.

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Become a Fashion Designer by clearing the entrance exam of India’s premier design college NIFT. More than 45,000 candidates appear for NIFT Exam for 3,500 seats from all over India.

NIFT Free Mock Test

NIFT Sample Paper is created by NIFT M.Des(Delhi) Alumni having 10+ Teaching & Coaching experience. This NIFT question paper is prepared studying past papers to give you a first hand experience of NIFT Aptitude test.

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Which is the part of elements of design?

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The following chart gives the survey of various soaps in a locality of 1500 families.

The number of families using Rexona and Santoor is.

Question Image

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The following chart gives the survey of various soaps in a locality of 1500 families.

The number of families using Cinthol is

Question Image

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Bandhej is traditionally done in

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In the problem some letters, which follows a particular order or sequence, are given. The objective is to find the pattern and find the missing letter.

ABX, CFV, EJT, GNR, _______________.

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Which brand this logo belongs to?

Question Image

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Find the missing character

Question Image

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Gadwal is the name of a

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Calico museum is located at

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Bhagalpur is famous for

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Tick the odd one out

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These questions are based on the following graph.

What is the average per capita income in 2000 for all Asian Countries?

Question Image

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These questions are based on the following graph.

What is the increase in the per capita income of Sri Lanka in Rs. (1$ is equivalent to Rs.72)

Question Image

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These questions are based on the following graph.

Which country has recorded the maximum percentage increase in per capita income from 1995 to 2000?

Question Image

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These questions are based on the following graph.

What is the percentage increase of INDIA’S per capita income from 1995 to 2000?

Question Image

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If CHAIR is called as TABLE, TABLE is called as SCOOTER, SCOOTER is called as FOOD and FOOD is called as WATCH, then what do we eat?

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Identify this piece of cloth.

Question Image

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What color scheme is used to create the logo?

Question Image

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Which application the redesigned logo belongs to.

Question Image

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The sum of two numbers is 20 and their difference is 10. Fine the product of the two numbers.

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Find the wrongly spelt word.

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Which brand uses the jingle

"Dimag Ki Batti Jala De"

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A bicycle rider covers his journey from A to B at 10 km/hr and during the return journey from B to A he covers the same distance at 8 km/hr. If he finishes the onward and return journey in 4 1/2 hrs, then the total distance covered by him during the entire journey is

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Identify the odd one out.

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Identify the Famous designer.

Question Image

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Identify the Indian craft form, which involves gold or silver wires interwoven to make a lace like decoration.

Question Image

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Which era/dynasty this sculpture belongs to?

Question Image

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Find the odd one out.

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Match the logos with respective words.

(A) Money (B) Trade (C) Time (D) Steel

Question Image

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Multiply the second lowest odd number in the left-hand grid by the third highest even number in the right-hand grid.

Question Image

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