Express and explore your inner self through Paintings, Installations and other art forms in Modern Art Classes conducted by professional faculty at iMADE.

Explore the art styles like Pop art, Op art, Surrealistic art, Abstract art, Narrative art etc. and create your own visual language with us. iMADE’s Modern art classes will help you create your own visual identity with deeper understanding of concept and it’s expression through basic elements of art.

What Modern Art course will teach you:

  • Understanding the origins of Modern art
  • Modern art trends
  • Contemporary Art practice through out the World
  • Contemporary Art practice in India
  • Demystifying Abstract art and Abstract expression
  • Pop art origin and Indigenous application
  • Learning Surrealistic art
  • Present day Cubism
  • Modern paints and applications
  • Contemporary handling of mediums
  • Reformations through art
  • Art as social responsibility
  • Art activism
  • Figure as expression
  • Modern Figurative painting

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