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iMADE offers the B.Des & M.Des Smart Study Package, a comprehensive self-study program designed for aspiring students of prestigious design colleges such as NID, NIFT, IIT-UCEED, and others. Created by expert Masters alumni from NID-A, NIFT-D, IIT-M, NIFT-M, this package includes video lectures, study materials, worksheets, portfolio preparation, mock tests, subject tests, and college counseling.

The iMADE Smart Study Package provides flexibility, allowing students to prepare at their own pace and achieve their desired scores and ranks. It focuses on crucial topics relevant to the entrance exams of top design colleges in India. The video lectures are easy to follow, with step-by-step guidelines for drawing and designing, accompanied by exercises and customized study materials.

✅ India's No.1 Preparation

✅ 75+ hours video lecture

✅ Study Materials

✅ Live online Mock-tests

✅ Smart Worksheets

✅ Exam Notifications

Upon enrollment, students receive regular updates from the iMADE Student Coordination Team regarding mock tests, assignments, portfolio assessments, college counseling, as well as registration and examination dates. iMADE believes in the “Right to Education” and offers heavily discounted rates for all Indian students, ensuring that every creative mind can learn from the best.

The iMADE Smart Study Package also includes live online mock tests, assignment and portfolio assessments, as well as career counseling and admission assistance. It is a comprehensive and accessible solution for students aiming to excel in their design college entrance exams.

B.Deds/ M.Des exam preparation Curriculum:

CAT (Creative Ability Test) Syllabus

  • ✅ Colour Theory
  • ✅ Science of Colour
  • ✅ Colour Psychology
  • ✅ Colour Application
  • ✅ Product Design
  • ✅ Product Innovation
  • ✅ Futuristic Design
  • ✅ Elements of Design
  • ✅ Principles of Design
  • ✅ Metamorphosis
  • ✅ Design Case Studies
  • ✅ Ergonomics
  • ✅ Innovative Designs
  • ✅ Genealogy
  • ✅ Packaging
  • ✅ Graphic Designing
  • ✅ Question Paper Solving
  • ✅ Typography
  • ✅ & more

Drawing Syllabus

  • ✅ Product Sketching
  • ✅ Automibile Sketching
  • ✅ Human Figure Drawing
  • ✅ Basics of Sketching
  • ✅ Object Sketching
  • ✅ Object Drawing & Shading
  • ✅ Basics of Perspective
  • ✅ 1 Point Perspective
  • ✅ Memory Composition
  • ✅ Still life Composition
  • ✅ Figures with objects composition
  • ✅ Poster Making
  • ✅ Light & Shadow
  • ✅ Colour Application
  • ✅ & more

Theory Syllabus

  • ✅ Design Theory
  • ✅ Fine Art History
  • ✅ Basics Architecture Theory
  • ✅ Understanding Camera & Photography
  • ✅ Printmaking
  • ✅ & more


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