How do I know if I have an inclination for Design or Fine Art or Architecture?

Do you like to sketch/draw or make interesting objects with material found from around the house? Are you curious about every single thing that is surrounding you in terms of how they work, why they work and why some don’t? You prefer to doodle and express a particular idea rather than talk about it? Do you have a special interest towards working on jigsaws and puzzles? If your answer is yes to most of these questions, then you definitely have a finesse/inclination for design.

I can’t draw, but I have ideas and I want to be a designer. Is that possible?

Drawing is a skill, learnt and perfected by practice. As most good design colleges have an entrance test which also assesses your ability to communicate your ideas through your drawings, it is important to be able to draw in correct perspective and proportion. So join in early and work on your drawing skills with iMADE’s expert guidance.

When should one ideally start preparation for Design school entrance tests ?

The earlier the better. There are three things you need to develop in order to make it to the top design and Art colleges.
a. Ideas / Out of the Box thinking
b. Drawing skills
c. Social consciousness
The hand needs time to train to draw in the best possible manner. The subconscious mind needs to automatically observe details and to be in sync with the pulse of the society. All this with ample time, translates into creativity. Its good to start your preparations from Standard 11th, so that in two years you are able to give the exam your best shot.

What kind of courses does iMADE offers?

iMADE offers Classroom Programs, Online courses and Study Material dispatches. We offer Test Series and Mock Tests in addition to our regular programs.

Does iMADE conducts any selection test to take on students for its programs?

No, iMADE takes on any students who wants to try writing the entrance exams for Design, Fine Art and Architecture.

What is the Duration of courses?

iMADE has  Regular and Weekend courses which may spread over  2 years to 6 months. We also have short duration Crash courses  for 6 – 12 days.

I am currently in Std XI/ XII. I have very little time to prepare as I preparing for my board exams. I stay in a city which has an iMADE Classroom and I want to write NATA / CEPT, NIFT , NID or CEED in the coming year. Which is the best course for me?

You may take up the iMADE Weekend program which will have least repercussions on your school studies.  iMADE classes are conveniently  held for 2-4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.  Or in case your school gets over by noon, you could join the IMADE regular program which is held 5 days a week in the evening hours.

I have finished Std 12th and am awaiting my results.   My city does not have an iMADE Classroom and I want to write NATA / CEPT, NIFT, NID or CEED in the coming year. Which course would you suggest for me?

You may come for the A regular program which is held 5 days a week. The classes are for 2.5 hours every day. Accommodation is facilitated by iMADE team in the city of your choice.

Does iMADE provides Hostel accommodation?

iMADE will recommend certain Hostels and Paying Guest accommodations nearby our centre which remains most convenient for you. iMADE does not take any responsibility for these accommodations. All arrangements will have to be made directly between you and the landlord or Hostel authorities.

I am in class 8th/ 9th and want to prepare for NATA / CEPT/ NID/ NIFT and FINE ARTS. Which course should I take up at iMADE?

It’s a good idea to start your preparations early. iMADE has certain skill development programs for young students which they can start early on. A combo package of 2-3 or more courses can be put together by the admissions officer to suit individual requirements of the Candidate.

What is the guarantee of success after doing a course form iMADE?

Students joining iMADE see immense improvement in their skills and ideas. Over the years, we have seen that iMADE coaching increases the success rate of students by 60- 70%.  iMADE can not guarantee success to any students. Clearing the exam is a combined effort of the guide and the student. The faculties put in lot of hard work in researching and training. The students too need to put in many hours of intelligent hard work in order to crack the Tests.

Why is it Cool to Join iMADE?

Imade is the only design coaching course to offer its courses at a most competitive price and most conveniently approachable. No matter where you are you can access our material and prepare yourself for the demanding entrance exams for the best design colleges in India. Another reason to choose iMADE is the quality of our material. We have selected the most relevant material available and made it simple and easy to understand. The fact is today schools rarely provide the input required to access your creative side, focusing instead on traditional careers such as medicine or engineering. iMADE recognizes this gap in education and does it’s best to fill that gap. Further iMADE regularly supplies supplementary material to students whenever additional information comes up that will further their preparations. Saving the best for last iMADE faculty are alumni from MS University, NIFT and NID. We provide the most hands on experience, and provide one to one counseling to students that prepare them for the next examination. We keep all lines of communication open with ex students, so that we are aware of all new developments that come up.

Who are your faculty? What sort of tutorial support do you provide?

iMADE has an excellent Faculty team lead by a  Core Faculty for each batch. The faculties are mostly M.S. University Baroda, NID or NIFT alumni who teach based on the syllabus and guidelines laid out by the iMADE Academic Team before every session. Tutorial support is provided to Distance Learning students through Contact classes , Email, Facebook and  Chat.

How do I apply to iMADE course?

To process your admission, we require A filled in Application form (available at the centre)
A recent Photograph of yours with the face clearly visible. (can also be emailed to us) The course fee.

Do I have to join for a separate course for MIT, PEARL or Srishti entrance test?

No, the iMADE course is comprehensive and covers the Entrance Test of Srishti and MIT as well.

If I don’t get into NIFT and NID where can i apply?  How will iMADE assist me?

In case you don’t get into NIFT or NID, iMADE will assist you in taking admission in some of the reputed private colleges.  You may contact our counselors who will handhold you through the entire process.

In case I discontinue the course mid way what is the iMADE refund policy?

iMADE will make refunds only in cases where iMADE has not conducted classes as promised. Refunds are not made under any other circumstance.